Useful information

Restaurants and grocery stores in the neighborhood:

Good restaurants are in the neighborhood both fine dining, lunch, grill, bistro and cafe.

  • Hotel Anna 3 km, kitchen closes at 20.30
  • Hotel Skalakot 4 km, grand, country hotel restaurant,
  • Old cow house 2 km
  • Bistro-bar Skogafoss 10 km, kitchen closes at 21.00
  • Svarta fjaran (at the „Black beach“) 30 km,
  • Hotel Skogar 10 km
  • Hotel UMI 6 km,
  • Seljalandsfoss 10 kma snack bar/street food by the waterfall during the summer. Open: morning -evening
  • Mias grill – by Skogafoss, red shed with white dots. There you can buy fish and chips, very good one they say.  It is open sometimes and sometimes not.

To east, in the town Vik (35 km), there are at least 5 restaurants and to west, in the town Hvolsvöllur (30 km) and nearby, there are also 3 restaurants. 

In these towns are also grocery stores, KR and Kronan, and liquer store, and excuse us wine and beer is very expensive in Iceland and the stores are not open the whole day. If you possible can buy your wine/beverage in the duty free coming to Iceland.

About 6 kilometers to east, there is a mini market, called „Heimamenn“  opening hours from 10.00-18.00, every day.  There you can also get a cup of coffee and croissant in the morning, simple cheap lunch or the famous hot dog, mentioned earlier.

If everything is closed and you can´t get anywhere (can happen in the wintertime), just come over to our house, we always have something to eat on our stove or in the fridge and freezer.

Traveling in Iceland:

Traveling in Iceland, especially in the winter time, you have to take a due notice af the weather here in this area, there can be heavy storm during the winter time up to 60 m/sec, snowstorm and slippery roads, so take care.