About Us

Us and small stories from around:

The area here around is called „Undir Eyjafjöllum“, in english „Under the Mountains“ we think it is a Paradise on earth. The mountains and the Eyjafjallajökul-glacier shield us from the cold north wind and the sun shines from the south.  But it can get very windy, and this area is known as the windiest area in Iceland especially in the autumn and the winter.  Don´t be afraid though the wind blows, just hurry inside into the strongbuilt house and listen to the wind blow.

We are a family living at the farm.  Anna and Sigurdur (Siggi), husband and wife.  Siggi is a mechanicer and Anna is a lawyer (got bored of that profession and is now glad to serve her guests).  We have two grown up children, Einar 23 years old, meat processor, his girl friend  Yrsa and Ingveldur Anna is 21 years old, wannabe lawyer, in university in Reykjavik. Siggi´s anchestors have been living here past at least 200 years.

We run a small „gentlemans farm“, we have 20 sheep/ewes.  We had hens but a mink got in to the hen house and killed them all. Then we have the cute, friendly, playful and clever dog Felix. His friend the cat Kisi also lives here, maybe not so “man-friendly” but he help us keeping the mice away.

We run our own electricity station and produce electricity from the creek behind the house, to use for our house.

In the summer we have a big cabbage garden and catch trout in the lagoon below/south of the farm. In the summer we can always give you lettuce from the garden.  And if you/we are lucky fisherman, you can get trout.

You can hear the sound of the waterfall when you wake up in the morning, also the birdsong, the geeses „talking“ together, below, on the lagoon, the wind blowing, and the sheep calling their lambs (depends on what season there is).

The buildings:
„The Garage“ is an old garage on our farm.  It was built in the 1940´s and 1950´s in two parts.  The man whom built it was Siggi´s grandfather and his foster son Axel. In Axel´s room, Axel had his private store for his things.  „The henhouse“ name is because we had our hens once in a small room behind the wall there.
We didn´t use the garage anymore so we decided to rebuild it as studio apartments.  The interior is modern, rustic, country style.

„The cowhouse“ – Autumn 2016 we decided to rebuild the cowhouse and did it in the winter 2016-2017.  The interior is modern rustic. The cowhouse was first built 1964 and was then a very modern and big one, even with a milking pit.  Siggis family and we ran a dairy farm until the year 2000, since then our neighbor rented the cowhouse for his cattles.
When the cowhouse was built 1964 the head carpenters name was Haraldur, a very good carpenter.   When he was young he fell in love with a girl whom finally rejected  him, then he decided:

  • Never to go from this area, not west of the river Markarfljot or east of the glacier river Jokulsa a Solheimasandi.
  • Never to work longer than one year at the same place (he made an exception for this building for 3 months to finish it)
  • Always to get only paid 1 krona per hour for his work plus food and shelter

The Haytower:
It is our newest renovation.  It was the newest part of the old houses which once stood here in a row west of the Haytower. It was built around 1930-1940.  The lower building was used as a cowshed but during the years we have used it for sheeps, pigs, hens and now  for people ! The tower was used for fermenting grass/hay but haven´t been used since 1965.  The roof were long gone when we started renovating and the walls inside were covered with algea and moss and when it rained the walls were glowing green.

Practical information:

The water in the tab is taken straight from the rock/mountain and it´s the best one you have tasted. You should fill up your water bottle when you leave, there is no need for buying water when the better one is free. You can drink the water everywhere in Iceland, buying water is a waste of money.

The hobs/stove: The hob in the cowhouse are induction and you have to have the pot on so the hob works.  The stove can lock itself and then you have to turn the stove on and push the lock button for about 10-15 sec

Night and day: In the summertime there is no dark in the night, we try to have the curtains thick so you don´t have to stay up all night.  In the winter the night is long but don´t worry there is a lot of cheap electricity for lightning.

Need something ?: If you need something, fx for cooking, toilet paper, soap or informations don´t hesitate to ask, we will try our best to solve your problems.

The WIFI is open, no password and it is unlimited.

Check out time: Check out is sometime before 12.00. If the payment for the accommodation has been arranged, then you can leave in the morning without our notice, just leave the key in the door or on the reception desk, you don´t have to lock. 

Review/rate: We are very glad if you make a review on the website you booked through, we are also on facebook.com, google.maps.com, Instagram (thegarageapartments) and on Tripadvisor (The Garage – studio apartments).If something is wrong, you need help or have forgotten something, then you can just come over to our house or call us Anna +354 8938962 and Siggi +354 8965727.